Dawson Jo Dyer | a birth story | Victoria, BC

April 20, 2018

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers–strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.
― Barbara Katz Rothman


On Wednesday, April 18th at 6:17am Dawson Jo Dyer came earthside. This candle-lit home birth was so powerful and so full of emotion — I cried the moment I stepped into her space. Dawson’s mama, Lissa, had her tribe beside her; supporting her and encouraging her. It was incredible to watch. Her husband held her hand and looked as though he would take on every ounce of her pain if he could. Her sister comforted her and kept her hydrated and her mom… ugh…her mom kept her focussed. During Lissa’s contractions, her mom would put her hand on her head and say “not here” then gently move her hand lower to where Lissa’s focus needed to be and said “here” 😭😭 💛 The whole experience was so moving and I am extremely honoured that I was invited into Chris and Lissa’s home to capture this very special time for them.

Midwives — you are amazing women! The personal care, the support you give, being on call and keeping your phone on at all hours of the night. Thank you 💛

Chris and Lissa didn’t know the gender of their baby. Keep your eye out for the pic of Chris telling his wife that they had a baby girl followed by her reaction  😭😍