L | Maternity Session | Victoria BC

March 18, 2020

Motherhood is so rewarding, but it can also be suffocating. Before I was ever pregnant I saw it as merely a physically endevour, never realising the emotional aspect of it all. Pregnancy, motherhood, parenthood, all of it will crack you open in ways you didn’t know possible. Let it. In time you will come back together anew…
They say when a baby is born so is a mother, but what they don’t say is that, that process is sometimes just as long and hard and confusing as the actual pregnancy. We are one person for an extended amount of time before having a child, then within moments we become someone entirely new. Learning about that person takes time, patience, reflection, awareness; all difficult in a time when we are hardwired to be selfless and programmed to do nothing but keep a tiny human alive. Not much time is left for self discovery. It can take a while before you even really understand the gravity of the change…
I became a mother for the first time 15 months ago and it has taken me all of that time, and the nearing of a second birth to even start to connect with what that means to me. My transition, much like my first bith was messy, hard, long and trying. But, I came back together. So, all I can say is this: If the journey is rough, dont hide from it, dont judge youreslf. Show your raw exposed self. Feel it. Share it unapologetically. We embrace not only the beauty of creating life, but the dirty bits too.