Avery | a birth story

April 17, 2020



lying here

feeling it —

the exquisite pain

of being done,

of having just begun.

— i, wide open

brave new mama 


On Tuesday at 2:59pm,  I got a text…  “Ok my friend”  Excited, I reply “OMG”;  I knew that message meant my dear friend started having contractions — I was SO EXCITED and SO HAPPY for her. This was baby number two, and baby number two was late. Combine being overdue and the quarantine life — well, that’s enough to make any mama emotional. She needed this. We all needed this.

Each of us prepared for this birth. We all stayed home and did what we were supposed to do. Nobody wanted to miss this beautiful baby join us earth-side. The call to go over came just before 9pm, she was progressing VERY fast and was just about to get into her birthing pool. I grabbed my stuff and did the 5 minute drive to her house. My heart was racing. I was so excited driving over there —  I could feel the adrenaline flowing through my body.
When I arrived, I was greeted with a welcome message on the door. It was a reminder that I was entering a sacred space. I was to wash my hands upon arrival and the only condition Lissa had for each of us was to not speak about Covid-19.

Her birthing space was so peaceful. The room was lit up by tea lights and the music was so calming. Lissa was in her birthing pool and already 6cm. Baby number two and once again I am in awe of her focus, her strength and her beautiful being.  With the support of her husband,  mom, sister and two INCREDIBLE midwives Kaitlyn & Uta (Sooke Midwifery), Avery Lee Dyer was born on April 14th at 10:44pm. She was a beautiful 8lbs 10oz.

Keep an eye out,  in the video,  when Lissa’s husband tells her they have another baby girl (she was convinced she was having a boy haha!)