a motherhood FaceTime session | Victoria BC

April 20, 2020

This ‘new reality’ has kept me home… it has kept a lot of us home. I had to re-schedule all my sessions and it broke my heart. I love what I do. I adore capturing the strength and beauty of motherhood — and I MISS IT!

But with this global pandemic, people from around the world have been finding new ways to continue doing what they love — myself included! FaceTime sessions (or virtual sessions) have been an amazing way to connect with women from all over the world, and to continue doing what I love — capturing motherhood.


Perhaps, even here, I am growing.

When the days are long and I do

not feel as strong and when the

hours go by slower than they ever

have before, and sun is shining and

I am lost indoors, perhaps even here,

I am growing…learning to be at

peace in what does not make sense

to me. Perhaps, even here I am growing.

So I will inhale and exhale.

It is well, it is well,

every day is a part of the story I will tell.

I am free to breathe here,

free to be here,

free to be at peace when

nothing makes sense here,

because perhaps…even here,

I am growing.

Perhaps, even here,

I am growing.

— Morgan Harper Nichols